Fresno Fee-Only Financial Advisors, Retirement Consultants and Investment Managers

Fee-only financial advice, a coach who doesn't sell you investment productsa robust investment platform and straightforward pricing. 



Financial Planning & Consulting

Using a fee-only approach, we create financial planning and consulting strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

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Traditional Investments

BHWM helps take the guess work out of investment management. Offering a suite of low cost ETF models, limited no load mutual funds and stocks, our advisors will work with you to design an optimal asset allocation.

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401(K) & Retirement Plans

BHWM offers a packaged approach combining both plan administration and fee-only asset management advisory. Together our team can offer a professional service at a value.

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Self Directed IRA's

Diversify risk by investing in alternative investments like your own rental property, commercial buildings, private businesses and more.

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It doesn't take long for clients to make that observation. In an industry filled with deception and product sales, we've taken on the role of fiduciaries.       

Businesses and families hire us because they want a better financial advisor experience with a fiduciary, without product sales. The foundation of our fiduciary responsibility to you is our independent, fee-only business model. We never earn or accept commissions or fees from the sale of investment products or services. We’ve done everything we can to remove any conflicts of interest from our advice to you, making your financial success our #1 priority.

Employer Solutions

Looking for an experienced fiduciary partner or objective financial advice for your California business or company 401(K)? You've come to the right place! Employers throughout California hire us to help employees with objective investment advice, retirement plan administration and business consulting. The consultant's and financial advisor's at Blosser Harrison take a straightforward approach and consider key aspects of your business.

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Individual Financial Advice and Retirement

Blosser Harrison and it's Financial Advisor's specialize in holistic fee-only financial life planning and investment management. A fiduciary approach means we empower you with little conflict and no investment product sales. Holistic means we start by exploring what money represents to you and aligning your finances and investments with your life.

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Our Clients Engage Us For Expert and Experienced Financial Advice For Things Like:


  • Tax-efficient coordination of investment assets across various types of accounts.
  • Strategizing the ultimate backup retirement financing.
  • Developing a plan that identifies a required rate of return on all investment assets.
  • Identifying a required rent roll and cap rate on an investment rental property.
  • How to minimize lifetime tax structure through distributed spending of taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free accounts.
  • Multi-bucket Roth conversions to slash income taxes and minimize the widow tax.
  • Knowing how they can retire, when they can retire, and if they actually have enough money.
  • Understanding and planning for catastrophic long-term medical expenses.
  • Strategizing the ultimate backup retirement financing.
  • Social Security timing, delaying, and claiming decisions.
  • And much, much more!

Need a Financial Plan? Choose from our flagship programs:

#1 The Comprehensive Program

The Comprehensive Program is our flagship service. Through the Comprehensive Program, we take your entire life - both financial and personal and put them into a beautifully crafted financial plan. 


#2 The Retirement Zoomer

The Retirement Zoomer is a three hour financial planning "event." It's not as detailed as the Comprehensive Program, but it's far more robust and valuable than our hourly planning services.


Easy Ways to Start Saving for Retirement

Starting from just $1.00 in savings, if you saved $100 per month for just 10 years and earned 6.5%, you could have $16,842.23. Start saving today and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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About Blosser Harrison


Blosser Harrison is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and retirement plan consultant centrally located in Fresno California. Wherever you are located in the the Golden State, Blosser Harrison makes it a point to provide a cost effective solution for financial planning, asset management and retirement plan administration. 

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