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I'm Andrew Kerr, a Fee Only Financial Advisor in Fresno, CA.

I specialize in holistic financial planning and investment management. In effort to help people make better financial decisions, free from investment sales and commissions, I established Blosser Harrison Wealth Management. I am grateful that you have visited my website and I look forward to sharing my holistic financial planning approach with you.

What is holistic financial planning?


Holistic financial planning is a process that focuses on you, your goals, where you are at in life and your assets. Holistic financial planning does not consider money as a means to an end, rather it considers money as a tool to help your plans become a realistic reality. This approach allows me to be your coach, not a sales person. It also allows me to demonstrate the impact each stage of your life has on your wealth building potential. 

What's the difference between holistic financial planning and non holistic financial planning?

Holistic financial planning is a fee only approach that helps you and me build trust by sustaining an objective coaching based relationship. Non holistic planning may require you to buy products which can create conflicts of interest.

Andrew Kerr's background


Andrew has worked for some of the largest financial firms and national broker dealers. (Nationwide Financial, Cambridge Investment Research and Lincoln Securities Corporation) With his extensive experience came a growing disdain for the brokerage industry and commission based stock brokers. 

Andrew ventured out on his own by opening Blosser Harrison Wealth Management in 2014. Blosser Harrison was founded on the firm belief that his client’s trust is his most valuable asset, and more importantly that trust must be earned.

Husband, Father and Outdoor Enthusiast

Husband, father, education and competitive cycling make up the majority of Andrew's personal life outside of work. Andrew and his wife, Rebecca (who also works as a risk management advisor at Blosser Harrison) just celebrated their 6th year of marriage in May 2018. They met in Fresno California, and ended up settling in beautiful northwest Fresno.

In 2013 Rebecca and Andrew were blessed with the birth of their only child, Austen. Austen is a rockstar tap dancer, crazy strong gymnast and full of energy. 
Andrew absolutely loves endurance sports. He competed as a road cyclist in college and as an elite amateur during his 20's. Andrew no longer competes but participates in weekend charity rides and club events with Fresno Cycling Club. 

Prior to forming Blosser Harrison, in 2008 he founded Kerr Insurance Brokers, Inc.. Today, Kerr Insurance is a thriving provider of commercial insurance, loss control and risk management for small and midsize businesses nationwide. Andrew takes great pride in using his business acumen for the betterment of his clients while educating them on ways to save business profits or enhance their personal wealth, with little conflict. 

Andrew Kerr Can Help you With:


  • Planning for retirement.
  • Creating a portfolio allocation.
  • Managing your portfolio.
  • Help you determine if you should invest in real estate. 
  • Invest in alternative assets like, metals, real estate or private businesses.
  • Develop retirement income strategies. 
  • Analyse your current portfolio or workplace 401k.
  • Develop tax strategies for your small business. 
  • Convert your 401k from commission based to fee only. 
  • Assess your personal or business insurance needs. 
  • Provide general corporate structure advice. (S-corp, C-Corp, LLC)
  • Help your family plan for college savings. 
  • Social Security Income Planning
  • Long cerm care planning
  • Develop cash flow models
  • Many what if scenarios
  • And much much more.....

Andrew Kerr provides holistic financial planning for clients locally in Fresno, Clovis and throughout:

  • Bakersfield
  • San Diego
  • Long Beach
  • Los Angeles
  • San Jose
  • Stockton
  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Texas

You can contact Andrew directly at: 559-277-4772 ext. 1001 or by email: [email protected]

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