Investment Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management for Business Retirement Plans & Individuals

Blosser Harrison provides a high-touch relationship to help you meet your financial goals. Our portfolio management process begins with our in depth discovery process to help insure you can meet your goals.

Our Investment Capabilities

 We offer modern investment choices and a forward view of the global stock markets. 

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

With low cost exchange traded funds (ETF) we can help control costs, target specific sectors or industries , increase tax efficiency and increase liquidity in your investment portfolio.

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Through fundamental and technical analysis Blosser Harrison uses a forward view of the stock market to help identify geographic and sector opportunities.

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Mutual Funds

Using low-cost, no-load mutual funds from top fund managers like BlackRock and Vanguard, we can create cost effective diversified investment portfolios.

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Can we manage your investment portfolio?

Pension Plans

1-200 Employees


Small to Midsize Business Retirement Plans

1- 200 Employees




Business changing 401(k) Portfolio Managers or Advisors?


Individuals changing from a Robo Advisor or Stock Broker?


New to Investing or Have a New Business?


401(k) Rollover?


Inheriting a Portfolio from a Spouse or Family Member?


Need Help Evaluating Your 401(k) or 403(b)?


Managing Downside Risk

Simple terms: Many of our clients want to protect their portfolio while earning moderate gains. To achieve this objective, we use a few investment approaches and strive to design a portfolio model that makes sense for you.

Less simple terms: We may use multi factor or smart beta ETF's, stocks and the occasional no load mutual fund. A portion of our portfolios may hold multi-factor or smart beta funds through BlackRock, Franklin Templeton or John Hancock. Multi-factor funds can help manage various factors including downside risk. Doing so might give up slight "upside" performance during a bull market. However, trying to time the ups and downs of the stock market can be difficult or costly.

Our investment goal - remain properly diversified and manage risk according to your goals.

Expense Management

Many investors are faced with exorbitant fund fees and or commission charges by their stock broker or fund company, which we believe to be positively correlated with negative yields. 

We are fee only, which means we do not earn commissions when we place trades and it also means we do not sell investment products. Our belief, if investors know what they are paying and paying for, then they will have more confidence in the stock and bond markets.

Portfolio Design & Diversification

Our investment portfolios aim to reduce the confusion of how to allocate your investment portfolio. 

  • We help you build your personalized investment policy statement.
  • Choose between ETF's or no load Mutual Funds. 
  • For the riskier investor, you may choose to have individual stocks in your account.
  • We re-balance quarterly or as needed.
  • Meet with your personal investment advisor as needed. (in person, web conference or other virtual methods).

We can help you build a portfolio for any stage of life including:

  • College savings.
  • Retirement income.
  • Growing your nest egg.
  • Preserving your inheritance.

How Do We Manage Portfolios?

Managing your investment or retirement portfolio or trying to keep up with market trends can be a headache. At Blosser Harrison we offer discretionary solutions that help get rid of the guess work.

What does discretionary mean?

  • It means we take on the challenge of choosing investments and making investment decisions for you. It also means we do not make commissions when we buy, sell or trade.
  • We provide discretionary portfolio management for individuals, businesses and pension plans.
  • For pension plans and 401(k) we offer both 3(21) and 3(38) investment advisory services.

What type of funds or investments do we use?

Our investment approach is a blend of smart beta factors, sector rotation and diversification. Our analysis process incorporates both fundamental analysis, asset allocation and fund screens.

  • 401(k) and Pension Plans: For qualified plans we may use ETF's and no load mutual funds.
  • Individual Retirement Accounts: For retirement accounts we may use multi factor ETF's and no load mutual fund.
  • Individual Investment Accounts: For investment accounts we may blend individual stocks and multi factor ETF's and no load mutual funds.

We Dont Chase The Benchmarks

It is very common for investment managers to use or compare to a benchmark, such as the S&P 500 Index or the Russel 3000. This, however, is not how our performance is measured. Our objective is to reach a targeted rate of return for you, based on your specific financial needs, risk tolerance and the investment policy statement that we design with you. Attempting to minimize performance deviation form a benchmark does not necessarily help you achieve your investment goals, especially when a benchmark drops as they tend to do from time to time.

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